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Does your engine run hotter than normal just after starting it? Does the temperature slowly creep higher and higher as you drive down the road? This could be a sign of a coolant leak and time to visit the highly trained technicians at Art of Maintenance.

A properly functioning cooling system circulates antifreeze/coolant through the engine and radiator, which helps reduce heat produced by your vehicle’s engine. When your cooling system isn’t functioning properly, the temperature of your engine can become hot enough to actually damage itself. Heads can warp, gaskets can blow, ultimately causing your engine to fail. You can avoid these costly repairs by having your radiator inspected and keeping antifreeze/coolant fluids topped off.

Radiator Flush:

A radiator(antifreeze/coolant) flush and fill at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling-system corrosion. Our radiator flush starts with an examination of your radiator and engine cooling system. We then drain the old antifreeze/coolant from the radiator and replace it with new antifreeze/coolant per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Radiator Repair/Replacement:

There are many signs that will indicate your radiator might need to be repaired or replaced. If you notice water or coolant leaking from your vehicle, you should get your cooling system inspected as it could be an issue with your radiator or your water pump. Also, if you notice that there is rust appearing on or around your radiator that too could be a sign you may need a replacement. In addition, if your car begins to overheat you should have your car checked immediately to prevent any further damage from occurring to your engine and its cooling system. You can prevent your radiator from failing due to dirt buildup by keeping it clean by performing regular radiator flush services.

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