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Your vehicles alternator is one of the most important components of your vehicles electrical system, without it your vehicle cannot operate. The alternator keeps the vehicle running by working to keep the battery charged. Our certified mechanics know how to quickly diagnose and resolve alternator issues fast. Art of Maintenance, in Portland, OR can properly diagnose alternator issues and get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Failing Alternator Warning Signs 

Common warning signs your alternator is beginning to fail and may need repair or replacement:

  • Irregular headlights-Your headlights stop working or dim unexpectedly
  • Abnormal noises-Typically when an alternator begins to fail it will emit a whining noise
  • Battery Issues-The battery consistently dies or just stops working. The battery can keep the vehicle running temporarily, however it will not be able to keep it running for long if the issue is the alternator
  • Inconsistent Electrical Power– Powered windows, powered seats, engine fans, windshield wipers start working erratically or stop working altogether


If you are experiencing any of the warning signs above bring your vehicle into Art of Maintenance today for a thorough alternator inspection.

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