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We’ve all had it happen, you go to start your car, and nothing. It won’t start! While there are many reasons that a vehicle may not be starting a common place to look is the vehicles starter.  A vehicles starter like many parts, is crucial to your vehicle operating.  Don’t trust anyone with start issues, call on us to diagnose your vehicle.

What Causes A Starter to Go Bad?

Starters like most vehicle parts will eventually go bad with age and mileage. A few other factors that can cause a starter to go bad are: internal corrosion and rust, a broken gear, a melted terminal and many other possibilities. Because so many factors can be involved, we recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by one of our technicians to ensure the starter is in fact bad and that it is not another vehicle failure causing your vehicle to not start.

How to Know Your Starter is Bad.. 

Your vehicle can show several signs that the starter may be bad and that it needs replacing. One sign to look out is your engine turning over slowly, or you have to try a few times to get the car turn on.  If you hear clicking when trying to turn your car on this can also be an indicator that the starter is bad. Probably the most obvious sign you need your starter replaced is if your vehicle won’t start all together. If your battery is good, it’s likely you’ll need a starter replacement. You can check your battery output at many auto parts stores or bring your vehicle to us.  We can check all of your systems and ensure we are fixing the right problem.  If your having troubles with your vehicle starting gives us a call to schedule an appointment.  

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