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Are you experiencing engine troubles?  Is your car making noises like knocking or tapping?  Are you notice a loss of power or sluggishness during acceleration?  These are all common signs of some sort of engine troubles.  This can indicate that the vehicle is low on oil or that a major engine part has failed or a valve or seal is wearing out.  A whistling noise can indicate a cam shaft belt may be misaligned or that there is a possible intake leak.

Engine stalls can be another sign that your engine is in need of repair.  Engine stalls typically indicate there may be an issue with a fuel pump, sensor, fuel injector, spark plug or a electrical system issue. Engine stalls can commonly occur when the vehicles engine is cold, hot, when accelerating, put in drive or when the a/c is on.

In most cases when the engine troubles are properly diagnosed in time an engine can be repaired back to normal operating condition.  In some cases an engine may be damaged to the point where repair costs are not possible and an engine may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Depending on a number of factors including the vehicles year, make and model and engine rebuild may be more cost effective than replacing an engine.  Our certified technicians will carefully disassemble and carefully inspect the vehicle’s engine to make sure there are no cracks in the engine or heads.

If the engines condition is beyond rebuilding, we will work with you in finding a viable replacement engine. 

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