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SINCE 1977

When Art of Maintenance first opened in 1977, times and cars were much simpler. A “tune up” would fix just about any problem, agreements were sealed with a handshake, and the customer was always right. We still believe in doing things that way.

Cars and society have both changed dramatically since then. Today’s vehicles are highly sophisticated technological wonders, full of sensors, modules and computers. Life is fast paced, traditional male and female roles have changed in many ways, and customers are better educated and more discerning.

One thing that has not changed at Art of Maintenance is the way we do business. The customer is still right, and we strive to provide excellent value and customer service. Maintaining and repairing modern vehicles is often complicated and usually expensive. We are serious about providing quality, professional service at a fair price, and will always give you an honest evaluation of your vehicle’s condition. When we give a recommendation, it is with the understanding that you have worked hard for your money and deserve fair and honest treatment. The Golden Rule still applies here.

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